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Because that’s what proper nutrition is all about

  • Do you know which foods can harm or heal your digestion?
  • Do you know how your body regulates your blood sugar?
  • Do you know how to manage inflammation with good fats?

It’s ok, it’s not your fault. No one really learns how to take care of the body from the inside until now…

As a nutritional therapist I’ve helped hundreds of people over the years to figure out how to feel better, how nutrition impacts their body so you can self-heal your body and live an amazing life.

This is how I coach my nutrition clients for big bucks…And you don’t have to!

You can continue to try fad diets, starve yourself, try every way to lost weight, exercise until you pass out…


You can follow this simple program that works with REAL FOOD!

This masterclass will help you make sustainable long-term changes

 You will get healthy and feel better,

The lessons are quick and simple and can be done at your own pace.

Filled with amazing meal plans, delicious recipes and shopping tips that work with your busy life.

You are not a ‘one size fits all’

Which is why Flourish 180 features four meal plan tracks! The course is totally flexible, pick your meal plan from a self-scoring quiz.

Members of the family on different tracks? No problem! The menu plans are based off one master plan with adaptations to each menu track.

Start your journey today! Follow this simple program and you’ll make sustainable changes in your life and feel better

Flourish 180 can turn your Health Around!

The class is normally $249

Join today and get the entire program for $79


 Here’s what you’ll get:

8 modules that you’ll get over 6 weeks, so you don’t get overwhelmed

Module 1: Nutrition 101

Learn what is proper nutrition and hydration is, and how the course works. Pick your wellness track and get started with a recipe app and shopping tips to save you money!

Module 2: Good Digestion

In order to get truly healthy, you’ll find out how to optimize your digestion. We’ll learn all about enzymes and probiotics, and how to pick the right one for you. Did you know you can calm acid reflex naturally? We truly cover the ‘North to South’ of digestion and how it impacts your body.

Module 3: Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar Handling

‘Carbs’ have been so unfairly vilified with the low carb movement. What are they? What are the best choices for your body and how do they impact your blood sugar? All these questions answered plus a deep dive into different types of sugars and sweeteners.

Module 4: Good fats, Bad fats and inflammation

Do you know the good fats from the bad fats? Healthy fats can help the body de-flame, while bad fats can cause serious health damage. ‘Cholesterol’, the very word fills many with dread, we will uncover the truth behind cholesterol and the ‘big fat lie’ you’ve been told about fats.

Module 5: Protein Power

Protein is an important part of your diet, the question is, how much do you need? We’ll take a deep dive into all the different types of protein to help you make the best choice.

Module 6: Hormone Balance and Adrenal ‘Burn Out’

Tired of being tired? Millions are struggling through the day reaching for the coffee of candy just to get through. We’ll explore the underlying factors which could be contribute to burn out’, with a tips to help you manage stress management and get your life back.

Module 7: Flourish Your Home

We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals in the home a day, all taking a serious hit on our health. I this lesson we highlight the worse offenders to look out for, and safer options to easily ‘green’ your home

 Module 8 : Flourish Your Body

Did you know the average adult uses 12 personal care products a day, with 168 unique chemical ingredients?

So why should you care? These chemicals can lead to a multitude of sneaky health problems! Let’s uncover the worst offenders and highlight better options.

Get all this for only $79!!

Get started Today and live your best life.

Not sure if this is right for you? Take this class risk free! Complete and apply the program, if it didn’t work for you, I’ll refund your money!

Flourish 180 can turn your Health Around!

The class is normally $249 

Join today and get the entire program for $79

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Meet Your Instructor!

Chef Carol Green, NTP

Hello I'm Carol!

I am from South Africa, a passionate foodie and spent many years cooking on board luxury yachts. My travels opened the door to many global cuisines and popular diet trends, all of which fueled my interest in nutrition.

During this time, I began experiencing serious challenges with my own health and began the journey of researching food as medicine. I furthered my studies and became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and specialize in healing foods.

I believe most health problems can be avoided, diminished or eliminated through a nutrient rich program and addressing the key ‘pillars’ of nourishment and movement.

Years of nutrition an culinary knowledge wrapped up, empowering you to achieve optimal wellness!


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Master Your Health

Through a comprehensive eight module program, broken down into actionable ‘nutrition bites’, that are easy to follow, you’ll learn the key foundations of health, with knowledge and tools to enable permanent and lasting changes to improve your health.



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