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How are you feeling?

Has the Holiday season left you..

  • Bloated

  • Achy

  • Sluggish

  • Moody or Irritable

  • Low energy?

‘The holidays’ is a wonderful, festive time, filled with sumptuous celebrations and delicious treats.

But let’s face it.... while this a great time to enjoy the season, but perhaps too much of a good thing has left you not feeling your best?


  • Are you ready to kick the sugar cravings?

  • Would you like to lose the bloat?

  • How would it feel to supercharge your energy?

  • Are you ready to feel fantastic?


Did you answer ‘YES!’ to any of these?

This could be your body sending you signals:  

‘It’s time to for a reboot’!


So, what’s going on here?


Year round we are exposed to a whole bunch of toxins; such as from chemicals, pesticides and toxins in our soil, food, water, and air supply.

Added to this, our bodies create toxins in response to stressors such as trauma, viruses, blood sugar imbalances, allergies and chronic stress to name just a few!

Now your body is pretty smart, it’s detoxing on a daily basis, and doing a great job clearing away toxins in small amounts.

The issue is when we are constantly upping those levels, the toxins no longer clear effectively.

The result?


Yup, Inflammation is the #1 root cause of all disease!

Just a few of the possible symptoms can be fatigue, allergies, weight gain, skin break outs, brain fog, digestive upset….

All if these could be signaling your body…..WE NEED TO DETOX!


Optimize your health in 2020 with the Clean 15 Detox!



Live class begins 02/11/2020



Restore Your Health and Vitality with The Clean 15 Detox!

The magic nutrients your body needs to move those toxins are found in a whole bunch of amazing foods, we enjoy on the program (along with awesome recipes and meal plans!)

Of course, you can do a detox simply with foods, and you have the option to do just that, however adding scientifically formulated nutrients to grab on to those toxins and move them out really does help speed up the process.

YES! Move out those toxins!

I am so excited to introduce to you the product to I recommend to enhance your 15-day detox;  Nutriclear Plus from Biotics Research.

A science based metabolic cleanse, Nutriclear Plus provides all the key nutrients to support the vital detoxification process.

Conveniently packaged in individual portions, the delicious tasting certified organic pea protein base with medium chain triglycerides with added fiber, micronutrients and antioxidants provide all the key factors to support a successful detox.

Convenient, easy to do, the program encompasses two nutritional shake meals per day, plus customized meals and snacks.

You are unique, your health symptoms are unique, your detox should also be unique!

We are all different, no two people will detox at the same rate! This is why it is important to assess each person individually, assess body burden and tailor the program to bio individual needs.

A detox is most definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ program, our program is customized to suit your bio individual needs, considering health history and readiness to detox.

You have guidance every step of the way, including individual consultations, daily group broadcasts and tons of resources!

Ready to begin your bio individual ‘Clean 15’ detox?


Here’s what’s included in your package;

  • 60-minute online intake consultation to review health history, discuss health goals and options for an individual detox plan.
  • 30-minute coaching call during program.
  • Recipe and meal plan app for convenient planning and shopping.
  • Private community group for group encouragement, with live meetings and group challenges!
  • Daily webinar broadcasts and email messages to keep you on track.
  • LIVE cooking demos and interviews.
  • Group meal tracking for ideas and support.
  • Follow up 30-minute phone call re-evaluation appointment on completion of detox protocol.
  • LIVE Class begins 02/11/2020 with 4 days pf prep lessons and 15 days of detox


What can I expect from the detox?

 To feel fantastic!!

Once those excess toxins have moved out, the metabolism functions optimally, reducing inflammation, promoting weight loss and general well-being.

Are you ready for your metabolic cleanse?


Optimize Your Health in 2020 with The Clean 15 Detox




Meet Your Instructor!

Chef Carol Green, NTP

Hello I'm Carol!

I am from South Africa, a passionate foodie and spent many years cooking on board luxury yachts. My travels opened the door to many global cuisines and popular diet trends, all of which fueled my interest in nutrition.

During this time, I began experiencing serious challenges with my own health and began the journey of researching food as medicine. I furthered my studies and became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and specialize in healing foods.

I believe most health problems can be avoided, diminished or eliminated through a nutrient rich program and addressing the key ‘pillars’ of nourishment and movement.

Years of nutrition an culinary knowledge wrapped up, empowering you to achieve optimal wellness!


Optimize Your Health in 2020!

Picking a 'diet' is the easy part, picking the RIGHT program and actually STICKING TO IT not so much!
Which is why the guided Clean 15 Detox is the perfect solution!






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